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Activities play an important role in the daily living of our residents and it is with this in mind that this area is centered around variety, enabling something for everyone regardless of physical condition and in order to make each day as memorable as the next, here are a sample of some of our resident’s chosen activity involvement. 

Whilst the home is keen to ensure any activities provide some stimulation, residents and their families are involved to determine choices that will help provide this element as well as in an entertaining way to try and make everyone feel special.


Activities are usually carried out within the home, however others take the form of outings which makes a change of environment all the more pleasurable.      It was on such an occasion recently when a trip to Lister Park was organised whilst the weather was mild and allowed residents to visit various locations around this wonderful park. According to residents feedback, most enjoyable!  When are we going again?


Outings to places such as tea rooms, garden centres and locations where residents have expressed a desire to visit are organised by the home’s activities co-ordinator according to weather conditions and available transport. On a Weekly basis, additional activities are organised to assist with Active Ageing stimulation together with specialist resident involvement from Care2Move.




Residents express their likes & dislikes in different ways

however it is clear that when people are enjoying themselves,

this is not difficult to understand, whatever their incapacities,

and a smiling face will take the place of a thousand words.

Activities Enjoyed by Our Residents

  • Bingo
  • Board games
  • Light gentle excercise
  • Nostalgia talks
  • Memory Stimulation
  • Quizz's
  • Guess my name?
  • Singalongs
  • Biographics & Humour Books
  • Pamper time, Hands nails etc
  • Skittles
  • Chair ball
  • Quoits
  • Easter bonnets
  • Name that tune
  • Bean bag throw
  • Plus Easter & Christmas seasonal activities
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  • enq@parkhousepnh.co.uk