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Park House was established as a nursing home in the late 1980's from what was previously a private residence of the Foster family who, as a major employer in the local community, founded and built Black Dyke Mills to become world famous as a mainstream producer of textiles primarily in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Mills no longer manufacture as in times gone by and is largely the base from which many smaller business's operate today although much remains of the  original building as can be seen from this picture.

Many locals worked at the mills over the years which provided employment and housing to meet the needs of the workers and formed the foundation of the thriving business and residential community the village of Queensbury is today.

Formed in the middle of the 19th century, Black Dyke today has become more famous for it's globally successful band, winning countless championship awards for its competing in such events around the world and is as much sought after for its recordings as well as live appearances.

This picture is representative of the band and it's long association with Park House, taken at the turn of the century circa 1999.


A Grade II listed building, Park House dates back to 1888 when it was built as one of the principle residences of the industrious Foster family, near to the mill which still bears it's name today.

Many of the original design features are still evident retaining much of the basic charm and character of the Victorian era whilst providing every modern facility for those wishing to reside in an environment which combines the best of the old with the new.


Set in almost 2 acres of woodland grounds, Park House provides safety and privacy for residents and visitors wishing to take in some of the wonderfully refreshing Queensbury air which, at 1100ft above sea level, provides a largely unpolluted atmosphere not commonly found in city centres. People visiting have been known to say “ I’ve just come from the city (Bradford) centre where the sun was shining, when I got to Gt Horton it was raining, and by the time I arrived in Queensbury, it was snowing” Well I never, but you won’t find fresher, cleaner air than in Queensbury that’s for sure!