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Based on our experience and In an effort to put into perspective the issues that most concern or interest people we speak to prior to moving into 24hr care, we have listed below a few pertinent questions with relevant responses.

I can no longer manage at home despite having home care visits, what are my options for moving to a care home?

You should have a formal assessment carried out to determine care needs together with a financial assessment to establish funding arrangements which can be carried out by a social worker from your local council initially, followed by the Manager of your chosen care home.

If my medical needs require nursing care, can I choose my preferred location of home?

Yes, you are at liberty to make that choice and if settled on a particular home, should discuss your requirements first hand with the home in question to ensure they can meet your needs.

Will I need to sell the family home?
Not necessarily, however this is somewhat complex to answer simply and will largely depend on a number of factors including whether anyone else is living at the property, what personal finances are available etc. all which will be discussed during a financial assessment.
Can I choose my own room?
This will be dependant on availability at the time, however every effort is made to make available a room best suited and nearest to individual choice.
Do I need to bring my own furniture?

No, all bedrooms are fully equipped with profiling beds, bedside lockable cabinets, fitted or moveable wardrobes, dressing tables in selective rooms etc. although personal items such as family photographs, pictures, ornaments and small momentos are encouraged to help personalise the room.

How much will it cost?

Whilst we have a scale of charges covering room types, it is difficult to determine exactly what it will cost on an individual basis until information regarding a personal financial position is determined taking into account any assets which may be relevant in this process.

As various elements of financial assistance may be available dependant on individual circumstances, these will be discussed at the outset with the care home following a financial assessment by others such as social workers who will take into account all necessary information provided by the individual.

Please download our SERVICE USER GUIDE on the contacts page for more detailed information not covered in this section. 

I have strict dietary needs. How will these be met?

Park House has excellent plans in place to deal with all food and diet related requirements which are monitored carefully to ensure these are followed and served in an appetising manner whatever food restrictions need to be applied.

Can I smoke at the home?

Smoking is not allowed by residents, staff,  friends or relatives whilst on the premises which we consider removes an essential fire risk in addition to providing a healthier environment for the benefit of all.

Will a contract need to be signed?
Yes, but only after all details have been fully discussed and both parties are happy to proceed on the basis of those agreements which are incorporated into the contract itself.
What reassurance will I have that I will receive the care I expect moving to a new & unfamiliar environment?

Park House has been providing quality care for 30 years over which time the home has built a strong reputation for its high care standards together with a stable staff team who work tirelessly to ensure each & every resident receives the care they expect and deserve.

Suppose I don’t settle at the home, can I leave?

We are confident that this is an unlikely scenario, however if for any reason, having discussed any concerns with the Care Manager,(or exhausted our complaints procedure should this be appropriate) your decision is to leave, a clear termination procedure is built into the contract which will be implemented as required in favour of the resident's wishes.

I notice your CQC rating is good. What does that mean?

All care homes in the UK are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which by its very title indicates a standard of care by which homes are inspected and rated according to the outcome of the inspection. 

Our overall rating of good should give some degree of confidence about the standard of care you are likely to receive at Park House with full details of the current inspection report available on the CQC website www.cqc.org

Will I be allowed outside the home?

Residents are allowed outside the home, when appropriate, but only in a supervised capacity. Park House has outside space for sitting when the the weather allows, together with a woodland walk which enables wheelchair users to take advantage of, and organised outings in small numbers to places of interest, such as tea rooms, garden centres, fish restaurants, parks etc.

By arrangement with the Care Manager, residents may go out with friends and family who will undertake responsibility for their care whilst outside the home.

Whilst the above list is not exhaustive, should there be any questions or issues which need a response at this time before making such an important decision and taking such a life changing step, please feel free to contact the Care Manager on 01274 817014 who will be pleased to arrange an informal discussion with you at your convenience.